How Contributory Negligence Turns Out In An Accident Case

Contributory Negligence States

           Contributory Negligence in different states

Surveys have shown that the number of accident cases reported in the US is on the rise. The large number of vehicles that ply on the road is one reason for this increase. In the event of an accident, your first concern would be getting the compensation from the other driver if he were responsible for the accident. On the other hand, if you are responsible for the accident, the concern would be to minimize the compensation paid to the other driver. In either way, you need to be aware of an important legal setup known as Contributory Negligence.

It is a legal framework that varies with different states and hence it is wise to search for “Contributory Negligence States” or “How is contributory negligence delivered in different states” in Google before applying for its benefits. So what exactly is Contributory Negligence? Let us look into the core principles of this legal concept.

Contributory Negligence is the legal concept by which an accident victim can claim compensation in the accident based on the percentage of fault in each of the parties that were involved in the accident. For example, in a car crash, if you are responsible for just 10 per cent of the fault, then you are liable to pay only 10 per cent of the total cost of damages in the accident. If you happen to be responsible for 90 per cent of the fault, then you can still save the remaining 10 per cent of the total damage cost, as it would be the liability of the other party.

Principles of Contributory Negligence

    Using Contributory Negligence to your advantage

Nevertheless, this is just a basic explanation. The rules of contributory negligence are somewhat different in different states and at times, it can be a blessing or a curse for you. For example, in certain states, the ruling is such that if you are responsible for at least 50 per cent of the fault that caused the accident, then you do not stand any chance of getting compensation from the other party.

So if you plan to use the rules of contributory negligence in your favor, make sure you seek the advice of an expert lawyer. He or she can make sure that the principles of contributory negligence works in your best interests in the case. As mentioned before, a quick research online typing in “Contributory Negligence States” can help you get an idea of how this legal framework works in your particular state or neighborhood.