Sexual Harassment Laws In Los Angeles

Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer

Sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles

Going for work may seem like a living hell in an office where the employer allows sexual harassment. If you have been victim to such behavior that may include suggestive gestures, off-color jokes or other actions, then you have to report such conduct to either your supervisor or the Human Resources department. No individual has to under any situation endure such behavior. But if reporting does not stop such behavior, then you should avail the services of Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer. They can help you recover damages for any wages lost as well as any emotional suffering and other benefits.

How is sexual harassment defined?

Even though in majority of the sexual harassment cases, women are the victims, it does not necessarily have to be so; men can also be victim to such behavior. Either sexual harassment can be defined as harassing behavior by supervisors, clients, customers or co-workers and can be quid pro quo offers of employment in exchange for sex or it can be actions intended to humiliate the victim. Sexual harassment in short is a form of sex discrimination and can involve any of the behavior listed below-

  • Unnecessary sexual advances
  • Making sexual gestures
  • Making threats after rejecting sexual advances
  • Employment offers in return for sexual favors
  • Displaying suggestive pictures, posters, cartoons or objects
  • Passing derogatory comments, jokes or slurs including conduct that can be considered as gender discrimination
  • Making sexual propositions or advances verbally
  • Threatening to make verbal abuse that are sexual in nature
  • Unwanted touching, impeding, leering or blocking movements
  • Treating female workers with a hostile attitude because of their gender

The law identifies sexual harassment of two types as given below.

Quid pro quo harassment

This type of harassment is said to occur when a manager or a supervisor demands sexual favors in exchange for employment.

Sexual harassment defined

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Hostile work environment

When an employer deliberately permits an offensive, hostile, intimidating or oppressive work environment based on sexual favors to persist despite knowing that such an environment affects the employee emotionally and affects his/her ability to work and that it affects their quality of work.

If you have been the target to such unfair sexual behavior, then avail the services of an experienced Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer to help you file a lawsuit against the perpetrator. For more info on the legalities of such conduct, refer online legal resources.