I Was Struck By A Car As I Was Walking. What Are My Remedies?



Plaintiff entered a parking lot with her vehicle. Plaintiff parked the car in the parking lot and proceeded to retrieve an item from her trunk. Once she was at her trunk and facing toward the front of her vehicle, she was struck by another vehicle. The other vehicle was driven by Defendant. Defendant was exiting a parking space from within the same parking lot and reversed directly into Plaintiff. The vehicle struck both of Plaintiff’s knees and pinned them in between the two vehicles. Plaintiff believes Defendant exited a parking space approximately five car lengths from the point of impact, thereby allowing Defendant’s car to pick up speed. Plaintiff was in immediate excruciating pain. The fire department and ambulance arrived and took her to the emergency room. Plaintiff suffered significant injuries to both of her knees.

  Pedestrian Hit by car


Plaintiff was a negligent free pedestrian at the time of the accident. Defendant backed into Plaintiff as she was standing at the rear of her stopped vehicle. In Plaintiff’s follow up with a doctor, and he advised her that the MRI revealed a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament and that the menisci were normal. An intermediate grade tear of the proximal fibular collateral ligament was noted as well. There was also micro fracture edema seen in the distal femoral meta epiphysis. The doctor noted that limited extension capability persisted to her right knee. Due to her continued pain and lack of ability to flex her right knee, Plaintiff selected a renown orthopedic surgeon and was advised that the MRI further demonstrates a right knee ACL tear.


This accident took a significant toll on Plaintiff and her family.


As indicated above, Plaintiff still experiences pain to her knee on a daily basis when going up and down the stairs and when walking for more than a few blocks. Future surgery to the right knee is likely.

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Tips To Help You Choose A Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawyer

Hiring a personal injury lawyer

If you have been injured physically or emotionally due to the negligence on the part of another, then a personal injury lawyer is the one person you should go to. A personal injury attorney can help you recover compensation for all the damages that you had to suffer by guiding you through the procedures necessary for filing a personal injury lawsuit. While personal injury lawyers are trained to handle all kinds of injury, very often they specialize in particular fields such as automobile accidents, medical malpractice, defective products and the like.

How to choose a Personal Injury Lawyer?

  • Consult the American Bar Association for a list of lawyers within your area.
  • Ask your friends and relatives to see if they can recommend a good lawyer to you.
  • Ask your lawyer for references. They may be able to suggest colleagues who have specialized in handling personal injury cases. You can ask the attorney who prepared your will to suggest personal injury lawyers.
  • Once you have short-listed a few probable lawyers, arrange for an appointment to meet up with them. Enquire about his previous cases, his record of accomplishment and also ask him the chances of winning your case and request him/her to get back to you with the details that he could not give you during the meeting.
  • Also, enquire about the fee details such as if there is an initial consultation fee and whether or not there will be a fee for evaluating your claim.
  • See if you are comfortable working with this lawyer. You will be meeting this person on a regular basis and spending a lot of time with him/her in discussions, so make sure that you can get along with him/her.

    Personal injury attorney

    How to choose a personal injury lawyer?

  • Have patience, but remain regularly updated. A good lawyer will have more than just your case going on at the time. He/she can only work as fast as the opposition will allow. If you were injured in an automobile accident, then your lawyer will have to wait until the insurance companies have completed their formalities and negotiations. Remain patient, but keep asking for updates.

Follow the above given steps to choose an efficient personal injury lawyer who can represent your case for you. For more info on personal injury lawyers and their duties, check out legal resources that are available online. Alternatively, you can go down to your local library and check out their law section.