Illinois Statute Of Limitations For Death

Wrongful Death Statute Of Limitations, wrongful death claims

wrongful death statute of limitations

If a person is killed due to the wrongful action of another person or that the negligence of the defendant was directly responsible for the death of the victim, then the defendant is liable for the death governed by the wrongful death statute of limitations of the state in question. In the Illinois State, the governing limitation laws behind wrongful death claims have been in force from early 1860s that set forth the time limit within which such claims can be brought to court for suing.

Statute of Limitations in Illinois

While laws between states vary on the statutory period of limitation, any statute of limitation comprises a period within which the plaintiff can sue in the court of law for a lawful claim which is no different in cases involving wrongful deaths. It is for the law to oversee that no claim is allowed beyond the limitation period and such claims can be rejected either by the court or on motion by the defendant.

In Illinois State, the period of limitation for filing wrongful death claims as civil law suit is two years from the calendar date of the death of the victim or the accrual of death of the victim. The proceedings are normally initiated by the heirs or beneficiaries of the victim.

Wrongful Death Statute Of Limitations, wrongful death claims

Illinois, exceptions to wrongful death statute of limitations

While law of limitation aims at deterring unlawful claims or claims arising after evidences is declared non-existent, the law is not devoid of exceptions either. The statute allows relaxation considering health situations, whereby allowing filing within two years from the date of discovery of injury which may not be same as the date of incidence of harm, the capping here in Illinois being four years from the date of injury. If the claimant is a minor, the relaxation goes up to 8 years for filing civil lawsuit for wrongful death which however cannot be beyond his 22nd birthday for all instances and purposes.

Wrongful death statute of limitations in Illinois for wrongful death like any other state is based on the common law legal system. The scope of the law lies in allowing the civil dispute or criminal charge being executed in a timely manner but exceptions to the law enlarge the scope the law to accommodate lost opportunity which would otherwise be denied to someone in need of legal help and assistance.