I Was Struck By A Car As I Was Walking. What Are My Remedies?



Plaintiff entered a parking lot with her vehicle. Plaintiff parked the car in the parking lot and proceeded to retrieve an item from her trunk. Once she was at her trunk and facing toward the front of her vehicle, she was struck by another vehicle. The other vehicle was driven by Defendant. Defendant was exiting a parking space from within the same parking lot and reversed directly into Plaintiff. The vehicle struck both of Plaintiff’s knees and pinned them in between the two vehicles. Plaintiff believes Defendant exited a parking space approximately five car lengths from the point of impact, thereby allowing Defendant’s car to pick up speed. Plaintiff was in immediate excruciating pain. The fire department and ambulance arrived and took her to the emergency room. Plaintiff suffered significant injuries to both of her knees.

  Pedestrian Hit by car


Plaintiff was a negligent free pedestrian at the time of the accident. Defendant backed into Plaintiff as she was standing at the rear of her stopped vehicle. In Plaintiff’s follow up with a doctor, and he advised her that the MRI revealed a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament and that the menisci were normal. An intermediate grade tear of the proximal fibular collateral ligament was noted as well. There was also micro fracture edema seen in the distal femoral meta epiphysis. The doctor noted that limited extension capability persisted to her right knee. Due to her continued pain and lack of ability to flex her right knee, Plaintiff selected a renown orthopedic surgeon and was advised that the MRI further demonstrates a right knee ACL tear.


This accident took a significant toll on Plaintiff and her family.


As indicated above, Plaintiff still experiences pain to her knee on a daily basis when going up and down the stairs and when walking for more than a few blocks. Future surgery to the right knee is likely.

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On Finding The Right Auto Accident Attorney


On Finding The Best Auto Accident Attorney Los Angeles

If you are in Los Angeles and you get involved in an accident, then you ought to drive yourself to an auto accident attorney Los Angeles who would represent your case before the court and aid you in recovering suitable compensation for the loss of property and injuries sustained.

What can your Auto Accident Attorney Los Angeles Do

The Attorney should suitably represent you in the court and get the maximum compensation possible from the insurance company for all pecuniary, emotional and physical losses. He should be a person of high competence and repute in the locality.  If you still wonder how to go about finding the right one for you, read on!

  • If you are docile person, ask friends and contacts for good referrals. If you know of a particular case that was hot talk of the town that appeared in columns, do not hesitate to reach out to the lawyer who handled it. With some research however, you can find some of the competent law firms in your area that specialize in motor accident cases.
  • Once you find the lawyer by way of referral or your own research, study his background for good track records and experience and initiate a negotiation.
  • Let your lawyer know what exactly you need and listen to what he has to say just to ensure that both of you are on the same page and you both make a perfect team to take the case forward.
  • Ask your lawyer if he can arrange for a settlement out of court and find out what he feels about same. If he promises to get you a better compensation by way of litigation reducing cost, then pay heed.
  • Find out if your lawyer can empathize with your losses and injuries and that he does not treat

    Auto Accident Attorneys Los Angeles Are The Best

    you like a source of income for him. Pay attention to his body language and eye contacts to ascertain if he is genuine to you and sincere to his profession.

  • Ask him if he would take payment after disposal of the matter and if he agrees, then he is ideal for you.
  • Before signing any paperwork, read the terms and conditions carefully in order to avoid complications in the end.

If you follow these guidelines, you will end up finding the right auto accident attorney to handle your case. Good Day!

More On Motor Cycle Accident Injuries

Auto accident attorney Los Angeles

Injuries caused due to bike accidents

The majority of the motorcycle accidents is caused due to rash or negligent driving. According to the reports from the latest survey conducted in the United States, around 75% of the accidents are caused due to unhealthy riding  habits. The injuries caused due to a bike accident can even lead to the death of the rider. This article will let you know more about the injuries caused due to rash driving.

Head injuries

Head injuries  are the most dangerous of all the bodily injuries. Most of the deaths related to rash driving are closed due to head injuries. The head is very sensitive to impacts and shocks resulting from a fall from a bike.

Injuries to the head can occur when you neglect the use of helmets. Helmets must be worn by all riders in order to protect the head from accidents. Most of the head injuries are associated with internal bleeding whichcan occur due to rupture of the blood vessels. Head injuries are to be treated with utmost care because it can lead to further complications like brain damage, frequent head aches etc. A detailed scan of the head can help you to figure out the internal damage

bike accidents

more on bike accident injuries

happened in your brain after a major accident.

Spine injuries

Bike accidents can become worse when the individuals end up with spine injuries.Spine injuries will

force the individuals to the bed for months or even years. It can also bring about a state of paralysis and the victim may need external  assistance to perform routine activities.

Injuries related to the bone

.Bone injuries are generally associated with the fracture of the leg and hand. When the rider falls from a bike, the bones of the hand and the leg are the ones that  support the whole weight of the body. Now everything happens in a fraction of a second and the body has to bear the impact of the fall. This will lead to the fracture of the bones. Injuries related to the bone are the most common of injuries that can occur due to rash driving

Auto accident attorney Los Angeles

You may consult Auto Accident attorneys in order to claim compensations  related to the accident. In many accidents one will have to deal with legal issues associated with it. Auto accident attorneys are specialized lawyers who can deal with all the legal formalities associated with vehicle accidents.

Auto accident attorney Los Angeles are some of the most successful and experienced attorney in this field. They deal with accidents related to almost all kinds of vehicles from cars to even trains!